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Corporate Training & Facilitation Programs

Topics include:

  • Communicating & presenting with confidence

  • Giving feedback that lands

  • Conversations that matter

  • Managing upwards

  • Navigating difficult conversations

  • Undoing bias in the workplace

  • Storytelling

  • Leading with impact

Meeting Facilitation

  • Strategic planning and/or team building retreats

  • Meetings with high stakes, interpersonal tension or challenging agendas

Leadership Coaching: Performance & 360 assessment feedback

Faculty/Professor Development - coaching to improve teaching, facilitation, presence and engagement skills

Program/Project Management

Youth Development

  • Girls Leadership programs

  • Navigating & undoing bias

  • Leadership & character building through theater

  • Mindfulness and resilience

Community-based work

  • Environmental policy and advocacy

  • Community awareness and education

  • Program design and implementation

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What clients are saying.....

"Within a few months of us working together I built a stronger relationship with my leadership and learned the courage I needed to face any issue head on."


"This workshop was the best 90 minutes training I've spent at work."

"Suzanne is a highly engaging and energizing speaker. It felt like she really got us."

"I find an enormous difference in myself and in my interactions with my fellow colleagues on a number of fronts including: feedback style, listening, providing more room to my teams. I found your coaching style particularly effective, especially, you challenging some of my fundamental beliefs. I found you very empathetic and at the same time not afraid to challenge me."

"This program gave him confidence to speak and act in front of an audience and to work collaboratively with a group. It gave him a safe place to explore his creativity."

"Our daughter was able to get in touch with her feelings and be creative in new ways."

"He is taking what he is learning and bringing it back home with him. Thank you!"

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